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We are passionate about maternity care, babies and families and we believe that continuity of care is important.  We will look after you during your pregnancy and post-partum period, and give you the option of staying on with your maternity care doctor after pregnancy if you do not have a regular doctor. We will also provide comprehensive care for your new little one. If you would like to receive some of your post-partum and newborn care at home, many of our docs will do house-calls!


During the average pregnancy, you will have 13-15 prenatal visits. The purpose of these visits is to conduct physical check-ups which screen for problems with mom or baby, to discuss questions or concerns that you have, and to organize and follow-up on lab and ultrasound tests. Normally, we see women every 4 weeks for the first 2 trimesters, every 2 weeks from 28 to 36 weeks, and weekly thereafter until they deliver. Of course, if any unexpected concerns come up in the interval between appointments, you can book in for an additional visit.


We are committed to patient-centred and evidence-based obstetrical care. When you go into labour, the Mountain Maternity provider on call will be there to ensure the ongoing safety of you and your baby. If, at any point, medical decisions or interventions are indicated, the risks and benefits of these will be discussed with you in detail and your wishes will be respected. 


If the mode of delivery ends up being a caesarean section, either planned or urgent, a Mountain Maternity doctor will be there to assist with the surgery and provide care for your baby while in hospital.


After leaving hospital, your new baby will have some scheduled visits with your primary maternity care doctor. The frequency of these visits will depend on your comfort level as well as potential medical issues. In the early newborn period, we want to ensure that feeding and weight gain is on a healthy trajectory and that there is not a worrisome level of jaundice. We also ask questions and do physical checks to screen for health conditions that could benefit from early intervention, such as eye problems and hip instability. 

For many mother-baby pairs, breastfeeding is a large focus of the newborn period. Sometimes it's easy and sometimes it's not. We will provide advice and help with breastfeeding troubles and refer you appropriately if you need extra support or assessment. We will also fully support your choice or need to feed your baby formula, and can give you advice on this too. 

Some patients prefer to receive some of their early newborn and post-partum care at home. We can do house-calls! Please ask your doc about this if it sounds like your cup of tea.

NEW: Starting November 2020 Lydia (a registered Midwife) will be joining the team to focus on providing post-natal care to patients for the first 6 weeks after birth. For Whistler and Pemberton patients we also have Meghanne providing antenatal and postpartum care.


After you deliver, you will receive daily provider visits in hospital for as long as you are there and then scheduled post-partum visits - usually coordinated with newborn visits - with your primary Mountain Maternity doctor. 

During the post-partum period, we will check in with you regularly about your physical recovery, your mood and stress level, and breastfeeding issues. If any lab tests need to be done in follow up to your pregnancy, we will arrange these. If you require contraception, we can discuss options with you and prescribe whatever you choose. We all do IUD insertions and can do this for you in the office. 

If you have a family doctor who is not part of Mountain Maternity group, we will generally return you to their care at around 6 weeks post-partum. If you do not have a family doctor, your Mountain Maternity doctor will do their best to attach you to their practice or with another health care provider at their clinic.

NEW: Starting November 2020 Lydia (a registered Midwife) will be joining the team to focus on providing post-natal care to patients for the first 6 weeks after birth.


As family doctors, we are passionate about the strong relationships that we build as we provide medical care for patients throughout their lifespan. The birth of a child is one of the most joyous times for a family and we love being a part of it, which is why we have all taken a special interest in obstetrical care. However, our scope and our interest extends beyond the prenatal and post-partum periods; we aspire to deliver babies, do their checkups as toddlers, act as trusted care providers in adolescence and perhaps one day deliver their babies! 


We also believe that knowing the patient's family adds a layer of richness to the doctor-patient relationship and often improves the quality of medical care that we provide. 

Trying to conceive?

If you need assistance with preconception counselling, family planning or infertility and you do not have a general practitioner, one of our doctors can help you. Call for an appointment!


Sometimes your pregnancy will require assessment by, or shared care with, an obstetrician. When this is necessary, we will let you know. We work closely with the obstetricians at SGH to provide the most appropriate care for you and your baby.

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