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Postnatal Care Collaborative Pilot Project 

The Postnatal Care Collaborative Pilot Project is an innovative collaboration between physicians, midwives* and public health nurses aiming to provide enhanced post-natal care until around six weeks after your baby is born.  Families living in Squamish and Whistler are eligible to participate.  This pilot project will run from November 2020 to October 2021. If this project is successful, the hope is that this will become the new standard of postnatal care offered to physician patients in these communities for the foreseeable future.  

If you are a patient of Mountain Maternity and you live in Squamish or Whistler, you can participate in this pilot project.  

What you can expect: 

  • You will birth and be cared for in-hospital by the physicians at Mountain Maternity. 

  • Upon your return home, you will receive a home visit within two days from a public health nurse or midwife. 

  • We will be checking in on your recovery, checking your babe’s well-being, offering support around feeding your baby as well as supporting you through your transition to parenthood. 

  • You will receive ongoing visits (home or virtual—ie. phone or video) every 2 or 3 days for the first week or so by a midwife or public health nurse. 

  • The midwife and public health nurses have many years of experience supporting nursing families and will all be great resources helping with feeding challenges. 

  • If virtual visits are planned, you will be loaned a digital hanging scale and sling to be able to weigh your baby so we will know if your baby is gaining appropriately. 

  • You will have clinic visits with a midwife around 2, 4 and 6 weeks postpartum.  These will be at the Sea to Sky Walk-In Clinic if you live in Squamish and at Whistler Health Centre/Public Health if you live in Whistler. 

  • Your final visit with the midwife is around 6 weeks.  You will then book an 8-week check with your family doctor.  Your babe will also have an immunization appointment booked at the public health unit around 8 weeks. 

  • You have 24/7 access to either the midwife or the Mountain Maternity doctors (please see the “How to Reach Us” handout) for urgent concerns. 


*Registered midwives usually care for people through pregnancy, birth and the first six weeks post-partum.  However, to help meet a need in the community, Lydia will only be focusing on proving post-natal care for Mountain Maternity patients. Meghanne is providing antepartum and post partum care for clients in the Whistler and Pemberton area.

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