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We are a group female family physicians and midwives, working together to provide 24/7 on-call obstetrical coverage for maternity patients.

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Mountain Maternity provides a new way to care for pregnant women and newborns in the sea-to-sky corridor.  The group is currently accepting pregnant patients to the practice. 

Each member of the maternity group is a family doctor who has a general practice in Squamish, and who has extra training or a special interest in obstetrical and newborn care. We strive to provide comprehensive, compassionate and evidence-based care for our patients.

Our patients will receive their prenatal and post-partum care from one primary care provider. There will always be a doctor on-call from the group who will attend labour and delivery. We hold privileges at Squamish General Hospital, and this will be the intended location of delivery for the majority of our patients. 

Lydia (Registered Midwife) is joining Mountain Maternity in November 2020 to focus on providing post-natal care to patients for the first 6 weeks after birth. 

The Postnatal Care Collaborative Pilot Project is an innovative collaboration between physicians, midwives and public health nurses aiming to provide enhanced post-natal care until around six weeks after your baby is born.  Families living in Squamish and Whistler are eligible to participate. If this project is successful, the hope is that this will become the new standard of postnatal care offered to physician patients in these communities for the foreseeable future.  

Meghanne (registered Midwife) is providing collaborative care for patients in the Whistler and Pemberton area. She provides care during the pregnancy at prenatal clinics as well as post-partum care for the 6 weeks following delivery for mom and baby.

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